Break free from the shackles of slow-paced VR gameplay and jump into a truly unrestricted VR movement and combat experience. EVERSLAUGHT is an Action RPG designed to take full advantage of VR motion-based gameplay, transporting you into a dark and atmospheric world ripe with mystery and danger. Traverse an ancient city with detailed environments and randomly generated dungeons, finding rare loot and hidden treasures within. Discover fierce and powerful weapons that will allow you to engage in visceral and bloody combat against the hordes of grotesque enemies that stand in your way.


Being an avid gamer and an early adopter of VR, Project Director Gihad Chbib has had his sights on creating a truly fun and unique VR game since trying out the very first VR headset, the Oculus Rift DK1. The very first idea behind EVERSLAUGHT was to create a `Diablo in VR`. To fulfil this idea, two things were needed: Funding, and a team of talented and highly motivated gamers was required. Investing a big chunk of his savings in addition to a government grant, Gihad was able to gather enough money to fund a first prototype for EVERSLAUGHT. Development started on May 2020, when the first team member was hired. 7 months later a team of 4 had already worked on the prototype which was then sent to multiple investors and publishers. Within less then a month, the further development of an Early access release of EVERSLAUGHT got fully funded, and the team was able to continue planning out this initial release.


  • Innovative VR controls utilizing the controller's positional tracking to rapidly switch between your Gauntlet's weapons and tools during intense combat situations.
  • Fast-paced gameplay tailored towards a hardcore VR audience offering swift non-restrictive movement and combat.
  • Slaughter hordes of enemies using creative combinations of your Gauntlet's tools, various melee weapons and special abilities.
  • An RPG made for VR featuring Loot, Level and Upgrade mechanics for high character customization and replayability.


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About MobX Games

MobX is a small Indie studio based in Germany, Bonn. We are focused on delivering high-quality VR games that break free of the conventional slow pacing and handholding of `careful´ VR content. Our games are fully targeted towards a VR hardcore gaming audience.
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Gihad Chbib
Project Director
Clemens Schmitt
Game Developer
Matan Gantz
Concept Artist
Mathis Oster
3D Artist
Niklas Wirths
Game Designer
Kurt Rexrodt
3D Animator
Mohab Mousa
QA Tester
Martin Gleitze
(Ext.) Sound / Music Designer
Oswin Neumann
(Ext.) 3D Artist